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Heidi and Bitsy

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Heidi is a tiny kitty doll. She is just under 7” tall, excluding her hat.
Her arms are jointed with linen thread, and she has armature wire in all her limbs.

Heidi is made from Essex Linen and wears a wool felt mouse hat and cotton waffle romper with a braided mouse tail attached.

She loves her snuggly bed, made from soft woven heritage linens and wool roving. Her little quilt is made from Liberty lawn cotton.

Hiding under the covers lives her best friend, Bitsy. Bitsy is a miniature wool felt mouse with liberty fabric ears and embroidered features.

6-7” cat doll (excluding hat), stuffed with wool roving.
Clothes can be carefully removed.

This tiny doll is a work of art and, as such, is not suitable for small children.

Each of Pinkyminky's dolls is unique. They are made with care and skill for display, gentle play, and a lifetime of love.

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