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  • Bronwyn
  • Bronwyn
  • Bronwyn
  • Bronwyn
  • Bronwyn

Bronwyn is a sweet blue kitty doll. Her heart sings for the fading blooms of summer as the seasons change. She has a soft crown of flowers and a pretty playsuit covered in cottage blooms. Her cardigan is soft as down and powder blue. She loves to keep your secrets and will be a constant companion through changing times.

14" cat doll (excluding hat), stuffed with wool roving.
Clothes can be carefully removed.
The crown is made from handmade wool felt flowers and various trim pieces, gently stitched in place on her can carefully unpick the stay stitches if you wish.

Each of Pinkyminky's dolls is one of a kind. They are made with care and skill for display, gentle play, and a lifetime of love.

Genuine Pinkyminky dolls are hand embroidered with a heart on one paw and a star on the other.
They have a unique tag with their name and date of adoption handwritten by Pinkyminky.
Spot clean only.

Please see separate listings in the 'extras' category if you want to add a Baby, Sweetie Pie or Pip Pal to this doll.