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Image of Amity
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Amity is a sweet 7" cloth kitty doll. she is made from grey multifaceted cotton with hand embroidered details. She has a soft beeswax blush to her cheeks and satin stitched mary janes. She wears a miniature woven ticking romper with a delicate satin ribbon bow and a hand-knitted cape made from soft alpaca yarn and fastening with a little button. She also wears a soft faux fur polar bear hat.
All of Pinkyminky's dolls feature a signature heart and star embroidery on their paws and are stuffed with soft carded wool roving.

CE Marked
hand wash.

(n.b. The hands in the photo are my daughters, and as such quite a bit smaller than mine, just to give an idea of scale)

Image of Amity
Image of Amity